Why is an E-bike Heavy?


Electric bikes are efficient, robust, and attractive transit and leisure bikes. Batteries, frames and spokes, electric motors, and brakes make up an electric bike. You certainly know all the parts and functions of a typical electric bike, but understanding how much each component weighs is crucial. It will explain why electric bikes are heavy.

The following parts of an electric bike affect its weight:

AC Motor

An electric bike motor weighs 17 lbs., hub or mid drive (8kg). The stator of your motor has wires twisted around poles in a circle. The windings become electromagnets when the motor takes current from the battery. The windings’ electromagnetic characteristics attract and repel the electric motor’s permanent magnets to generate torque. E-bike motors weigh the most. E-bike motor weight depends on power output, maximum speed (miles per hour), and material type.


Electric bike batteries weigh 4.4-7.7 lbs (2-3.5 kg). E-bikes use lithium-ion batteries like laptops and phones. Your electric bike’s battery weight relies on its structure and energy storage capacity. Battery size and weight increase with power.

E-bike battery life (hours or miles per charge) might also be a consideration. Heavy battery packs last longer. Bike manufacturers are developing lighter, longer-lasting batteries.


The controller system, which includes the handlebar-mounted control display, adds weight to the electric bike. The control display controls your electric bike’s power and displays speed, motor assistance, and battery life. Some electric bikes have display and control system options, and buttons, modes, signals, brakes, and more are available.


Although lighter wires have replaced Bowden cables in transferring mechanical signals to the bike’s parts, electric bikes still weigh more since they have more wires. Electric bikes are heavier than ordinary bikes because their wires weigh the least.

Wide Tires

Wider tires add an ounce to the weight of an electric bike, even if this part varies by model. Fat tire electric bikes have 4-inch tires. Off-roading and climbing steep hills are their principal uses. Fat, gripping off-road tires are advised for severe excursions even though they increase the weight of your e-bike.

Forks, Gears, Drivetrain, Disc Brakes

Heavy metals Most eclectic and classic bicycle parts are metal. Ebike elements like the disc brakes, gearbox, and suspension forks weigh the bike, regardless of material.

E-bikes have a crank, chains, pedals, cassettes or cogs, and rear and front derailleur gears. Front and rear derailleur systems have metal sprockets of various sizes.

These different-sized sprockets have a transmission system and a chain-transfer mechanism. They also add weight to the bike, and the disc brakes have a caliper and brake pads.

Reinforced Parts

As everyone knows, a bike’s frame supports and carries the load. Reinforced bike parts add five pounds to an electric bike’s weight. Carbon frames are lighter than aluminum alloy frames. Because of their specific materials, other bike pieces like the handlebars, seat posts, and seat tubes contribute weight to the electric bike. Ebike frames and specific parts might vary in weight. The e-serviceability bike’s and function determine it.

The motor’s power output and battery pack size substantially determine an electric bike’s weight, although other minor aspects also contribute. Some electric bike parts are heavy, while others are light, like traditional bikes. When you pedal on an electric bike, the extra pounds evaporate, making it feel like a conventional bike. All parts of an electric bike are important for delivering the optimum biking experience, regardless of weight.

Benefits of Being Heavy

Lighter bikes are harder to steer. Being hefty help with maneuverability and control. Two high-speed motorcycles with differing weights maneuver differently. A little twist of the handlebar on the lighter bike will cause a sudden shift in direction, putting you and your bike at risk of falling off. Heavy bikes are tougher to maneuver, but they provide you with more control, making high-speed travel safer. You can visit the official store of Troxus Mobility and check out some of the best e-bikes in town.


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