What Genres Can I Watch on Youku?


So, when you’re looking to watch a TV show on youku.tv/v/v_show/id_XNjAwMDg0NjgwMA==.html and you see it labeled under categories like “Action,” “Romance,” “Thrillers,” and so on—those are what you call genres. They’re basically like the vibe or the mood of the show. If a show is tagged as “Comedy,” you’re probably gonna laugh a lot. If it’s “Horror,” well, expect some jump scares and maybe a monster or two.

Genres help you figure out what you’re in the mood for. You had a tough day and need some laughs? Go for a comedy. In the mood for some heart-pounding excitement? An action-packed series could be your pick. It’s kinda like choosing the type of music to listen to based on how you’re feeling. Knowing the genre of a TV program is like a shortcut to figuring out if you’ll dig it or not. Does it make sense?

What Genres are Available on Youku.tv?

Mix of All

If you’re looking for a program that has a mix of all genres such as boys love, mystery, drama, bromance, and a lot more, then “I Feel You Linger in the Air” simply personifies this genre. You can watch this Thai Drama Series on Youku to get a mix of all the genres in one program.

More Genres to Consider

  • Comedy: Who doesn’t like comedy, right? It’s the ultimate pick-me-up, perfect for when you need a quick mood boost. From goofy antics to smart one-liners, comedy’s got it all.
  • Drama: Now, if you’re up for a feels trip, drama is your buddy. It’s like the spicy food of TV—intense, flavorful, and leaves you thinking about it for days.
  • Action: So you’re in the mood for some heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat stuff? Action’s got your back. Car chases, explosions, and all that wow-factor you crave.
  • Romance: Ah, the sweet stuff. Romance is like that warm cup of cocoa on a cold day—cozy, comforting, and leaves you with that “aww” feeling.
  • Sci-Fi: Hey, future explorers and tech nerds, this one’s for you. Sci-Fi’s like the sandbox of genres; it can go anywhere and do anything—from time-travel to other galaxies.
  • Fantasy: Into wizards, dragons, and epic quests? Fantasy’s your playground. It’s the vacation of TV genres, taking you places you’ve never been and can only dream of.
  • Horror: Okay, thrill-seekers, listen up. If you like your heart rate a bit on the high side and aren’t afraid of a scare or two, horror’s calling your name.
  • Thriller: Want to solve a mystery or uncover a big secret? Thrillers are like puzzles; they keep you guessing right until the end.


So, here’s the deal: Youku.tv is like this smorgasbord of TV genres that’s got something for everyone. Seriously, it’s like a buffet where you can pile your plate high with action, drama, comedy, or even some sci-fi. And the best part? You can switch it up whenever you want. If you’re feeling like you need a good laugh today but maybe some thrills tomorrow, Youku’s got you covered. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your mood swings and entertainment cravings. So, whether you’re into love stories that make you go “aww” or mysteries that make you go “hmm,” Youku.tv’s variety of genres has got something to tickle your fancy.


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