How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Brake Caliper?


All of us know that the most critical part of our disc brake system is the brake caliper as it plays a great role in slowing down our vehicle. Hence, it’s very important to replace a bad brake caliper before it goes bad and we have to face any kind of accident because of it.

But before going to replace a brake caliper it’s important to know some basic things like the cost to replace brake caliper and the reasons why our brake calipers can go bad. So, let us move forward and have more info in this regard:

Cost of Replacing Bad Brake Caliper

Now, let us discuss our topic which is the cost of replacing a bad brake caliper. It costs about 250$ and 600$ to replace a bad brake caliper for each wheel. This estimated cost also includes the labor payment but can be varies based on the model of car.

Moreover, you must have to keep in mind if one brake caliper will go as bad then it will affect the whole breaking system and you have to replace it to ensure perfect braking. There can be also a chance that the labor finds it difficult in replacing your caliper as compared to the same replacement in another model. Then you will be charged extra accordingly.

The cost of a brake caliper can be $125 or less but shouldn’t exceed this. Moreover, the cost of replacing a bad brake caliper can also vary from place to place. It also depends on the time taken to replace it. The replacement can consume about 3 hours but this time can be reduced to 1 hour or 2 hours by a technician who is professional and expert.

Why Do You Need to Replace a Bad Brake Caliper?

Now, the next question that will surely appear in your mind is the reason why we have to replace a bad brake caliper. Basically, our vehicle’s brake system can be damaged to a great extent because of having contact with dirt and debris.

Moreover, if you feel any kind of strange noise or smell then your caliper need replacement. Moreover, metal piston calipers have more chance to rust easily hence as soon as they rust, you have to replace them.

Types of Brake Calipers

Let’s have a small discussion about the types of brake calipers so that you can have info about them before their replacement.

  • The first one is a digital caliper and it is recommended if you want accurate measurement. They are specially designed to capture incremental and perfect readings.
  • Next is the vernier caliper it is recommended for those who face no confusion while reading numbers and measurements. As it has no dial hence examing readings can be a hectic task.
  • The last one is named as dial caliper. They are considered easy to use and as expressed through their name, it has a lined dial that makes it easy for the driver to read the measurements easily.

Final Words

Before going to replace bad brake caliper it’s a wise act to figure the total amount that you have to pay to replace it. The above article is the short of total cost to replace bad brake caliper and the reasons that can force you to replace your brake caliper. Hope that this article will proves to be helpful for you.


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