FUT 23 Coin Farming on PS4: What You Need to Know


In the well-liked game mode FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 23, players can create their ideal teams and compete online with other players. Coins, which are used to purchase players and assemble teams in FUT 23, are among the game’s most crucial components. Coin farming is one of the most effective ways to earn coins in FUT 23 despite the fact that there are many other ways. This article will explore the best methods for farming FUT 23 coins PS4.

Method 1: Squad Battles

Players can compete against AI-controlled teams in the game mode known as Squad Battles in FUT 23 to win prizes. Players can take part in Squad Battles every week and compete for coins based on how well they do. The number of coins that players can earn increases with increasing difficulty. Players should try to play on the hardest difficulty setting they can handle to maximize coin farming in Squad Battles. To earn the most rewards, players should attempt to finish as many matches as they can each week.

Method 2: Division Rivals

Division Rivals is another game mode in FUT 23 where players can compete against other players online for rewards. Players are placed into divisions based on their skill level and can earn coins by winning matches and advancing to higher divisions. Players should aim to play in the highest division they can handle to maximize coin farming in Division Rivals. Additionally, players should try to win as many matches as possible to earn the maximum rewards.

Method 3: Objectives and Challenges

FUT 23 offers a variety of objectives and challenges that players can complete for rewards. These objectives and challenges can range from scoring certain goals with a specific player to completing a set of SBCs. Players can earn coins and other rewards by completing these objectives and challenges. To maximize coin farming through objectives and challenges, players should aim to complete as many objectives and challenges as possible. Additionally, players should regularly check the objectives and challenges section of FUT 23, as new objectives and challenges are added frequently.

Method 4: Investing

Investing in players is another way to earn coins in FUT 23 on PS4. Players can buy low and sell high to make a profit or invest in players likely to increase in value over time. To maximize coin farming through investing, players should research the market and identify players that are undervalued or likely to increase in value. Additionally, players should be patient and hold onto their investments until the right time to sell.

Method 5: Trading

Trading is a popular method for earning coins in FUT 23 on PS4. Players can buy low and sell high or trade players for other valuable assets, such as consumables or rare players. Players should be aware of market trends and identify profit opportunities to maximize coin farming through trading. Additionally, players should be patient and disciplined, as trading can be risky and unpredictable.

In conclusion, coin farming is essential to FUT 23 on PS4. Players can earn coins more efficiently and build their dream teams faster using the methods outlined in this article. Whether playing Squad Battles and Division Rivals, completing objectives and challenges, investing in players, or trading, there are many ways to farm coins in FUT 23 on PS4. With patience, discipline, and a bit of luck, players can become successful coin farmers in FUT 23.


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