Everything You Need To Know About Raised Panel Garage Doors


The raised panel garage doors are one of those traditional types that are still popular for their advantages and durability. As its name describes it appears with beveled edges or its details are elevated or raised from the panel of the garage door. These are commonly thicker than other garage doors. Its beveled edges or other segment are carved into various perimeters which have the framework surroundings, these features give these garage doors looks and uniqueness. This garage door type is still prominent in its popularity due to its classic styling and outstanding dependability.

Read this article for advanced knowledge of the Raised panel garage doors, their types, and their benefits. You can also get a proper guidance about its installation.

Advantages of Raised Panel Garage Doors

Several benefits can be appreciated at the time of choosing a raised panel wood garage door for your residence. Check out some of such benefits from the points below

  • A raised panel garage door can give shade to your door so that you can fit your home’s decor and color scheme accordingly.
  • It’s customary, and classic wood styling gives your house a different and attractive look.
  • By choosing a raised panel garage door, you can give flexibility in your layout choice
  • A raised panel garage door can give your garage strong protection.
  • After choosing a raised panel garage door for your residence, you can get consoled about its dependability, as it’s the choice of ages.
  • These advantages have directed many householders to prefer raised panel garage doors for their dwellings.

Buyer’s Guide Of Raised panel Doors

Check out this section for the best collection of raised panel garage doors which can be delivered to you by the well-known Bestar garage door suppliers.

Black Garage Doors

Bestar model 5000 Protected garage doors with an R-value of 17.10, is always the best choice for the premium edifice. Its stylish look gives easy lines for modern exteriors.

Flush Panel Garage Doors

Bestar Model 5000 Garage Doors are created with polyurethane insulation. Its R-value is 17.10, which can be the ultimate style for homeowners.

Raised Panel With Windows Option

Bestar model 5000 raised panel garage doors to have advanced ThermoLock features and insulation technology. It can easily be your best choice.

Long Raised Door

Bestar model 5000 raised panel garage doors are made with foamed-in-place polyurethane and it has the R-value of 17.10 protection, which gives exceptional strength and energy efficiency to the door, rust opposition and noise reduction qualities are also available with this feature.

Carriage House Garage Doors With Windows

Bestar model 5000 carriage house garage doors come with windows that merge two most common desired features – the pastoral appeal of the carriage house and the trendy overhead opening.

Which Brand Has The Best Raised Panel Doors?

If you’re looking for a raised panel garage door that can be a good match for your residence and also gives it firm protection and durability, then contact the well-known Bestar, which can provide all your desires a perfect direction. Bestar is one of those insulated garage door manufacturers & suppliers, who specialized in manufacturing carriage house garage doors for USA standards, along with raised panel garage doors, you can also get flush panel garage doors with ThermoLock (R-values 17.10) technology.


If you’re looking for upgradation of your existing garage door or your present door requires an immediate replacement, a raised panel garage door is one of the most possible options for you. If you’re already planning for this option, then contact the best supplier brand Bestar, Garage Doors Manufacturer & Supplier.


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