What is an argumentative essay outline?

What is an argumentative essay outline?

An argumentative essay can be won or lost at the very beginning of the essay. If you are writing an argumentative essay for your education, or you are writing one for your boss, then you are at an advantage because they will provide you with a topic. However, if you are writing your argumentative essay for another reason, then you need to make sure that you pick the correct topic in order to gain the maximum effect.

You cannot simply pick an argumentative essay topic that is too vague (that would be impossible to create an argumentative essay outline for). For example if you were to take an argumentative essay topic such as, “murder is wrong” then there are going to be too many opinions for you to be able to cover them all. If however, you pick something that is a lot less vague such as “murder is wrong if it is committed by one healthy person against another healthy person within a civilized society,” this sort of topic will give you a lot more room for manoeuver, and is not so vague/large that it would take forever to complete.

How to create your introduction

Irrespective of how you complete your essay as a whole, the introduction will always tend to be similar from one argumentative essay to another. Within the introduction you should have a clear definition of what you are writing your essay about, and the statement that defines your discussion within your essay.

A potential pattern for your argumentative essay

One way you can structure your paragraphs is to insert a pro or two and then a con or two, and then any refutations.

You can conclude every one of your paragraphs as you go along if you like, or you can make your arguments into points within the essay and then save up all the conclusion process until the very end, where a large conclusion will sit.

Another outline pattern for your argumentative essay is to voice a single idea that is then counter-argued with the pros/cons for the issue, before it is concluded within the paragraph. At the very end of the paragraph, you could a few words and create a summary of all your mini conclusions in order to create one big conclusion.

Another way you could structure your argumentative essay paper is to concentrate on one point and refute or agree with it as much as you can. You can then conclude upon it and move on to the next argument points and do the same again. At the very end you would surmise the results of your many arguments in the conclusion section.