Preparing for Your Literature Review Proposal

Writing a Literature Review Paper for Success

Literature review papers are commonly used in research proposal writing. A literature review paper helps to help write a proposal. Literature review paper is very lengthy and usually involves an analysis and evaluation of previous studies on that topic. The primary aim of this paper is to help the reader familiarize themselves with what their topic study is all about.

Do you need help on how to create your literature review for success? Here is a well-explained guideline for you.

How to Write an Excellent Literature Review Paper

The same steps employed in writing a literature review for a proposal will work for your literature review too. It is important to note that even though your proposal is longer and has more subtopics, there are additional steps that must be adhered to.

Some of the steps to follow include:

  • Selecting the right subject
  • Brainstorming a bit
  • Procedure
  • Referencing
  • Writing the literature review

You need to have a clear understanding of your research project. It should present a clear picture of how the reader will go about reading your literature review in context to your research.

Brainstorming with your supervisor will help you with the hypothesis you are trying to develop. A hypothesis is a point of focus for your research project. What is it you want to achieve with the data collected? What challenge will you be solving in your research? The hypothesis will help you to narrow down to a specific research question. It will also guide you on what other people say about the same topic.

You will be writing your paper after brainstorming with your supervisor and ensuring that you have the correct methodology to follow in conducting research. When you go through the literature review paper, ensure that you remove the conflicting viewpoints as this will help you avoid repeating information as you will have used different sources to get the information you needed.

Citation is very important as it helps to eliminate any speech marks from other authors that are connected with the research. Research papers are supposed to support the message of a research question. Ensure that all the sources mentioned in your proposal are relevant and relevant to your topic.

The literature review you create is very detailed. It will have a particular structure. The best way to structure your literature review is to write it in a chronological order. Go through the literature review paper multiple times, and get a clear picture of what each subtopic entails.

During your brainstorming phase, you might come across an idea that will enable you to look into it in depth. The research that you do in this phase will help you understand the knowledge gap that exists. During this phase, you will come across existing resources to use as a reference. Ultimately, the number of sources used during this process will help you cite your sources appropriately.

Writing a literature review paper is usually an activity that takes a lot of time. As such, if you are experiencing some challenges creating the paper, you can turn to experts in that niche for assistance.