How to Write a Literature Review for a Research Project

Steps to Writing a Compelling Literature Review for a Research Project

Lecturers demand that their students do a literature review for every single piece of assigned work. The assignment is meant to identify gaps in the existing scholarly information.

The professor gives out marks on the extent of this literature review. Failure to address it can mean missing an entire chapter or class of the semester. Nevertheless, it is no laughing matter. Students should take it as a challenge and work on it diligently. Some of the tips for a terrific literature review include:

Create a Clear Argument

The student should have thorough research and summarize their understanding of the main points of the topic. One can spend a lot of time researching and come up short. Plus, doing this pre-writes the review for you. For the student to create a useful literature review, they will have to answer the following questions:

  • What is the goal of the research?
  • What questions do we need to answer?
  • What are the weaknesses in the existing data?
  • What do we want the scholar to find in the literature?

The student can create a vivid picture of the topic by summarizing the available sources while answering the questions.

Can You Interpret the Literature?

Before you answer the question on what you want the student to find from the literature, you must give them a rundown of how you will go about doing so. The student should have an idea of how they want to evaluate the literature. Create a good foundation from which you will evaluate the sources. The work will be harder if you don’t define the terms you will use. Please make a note of them and are certain you will refer to them throughout the document.

Avoid Paraphrasing

The work will appear original if the student does not paraphrase existing work. While paraphrasing requires unique vocabulary and syntax, it increases the quality of the work. Besides, it is a hard habit to break because it sticks in your mind. However, paraphrasing would seem clumsy because of the words that you will have to change. On the other hand, incorporating the work will make the literature review difficult to interpret.

Include a Synopsis.

The student should briefly summarize the main points and key themes. You could also give some background on the literature. You can even add some a supporting words for the research. If you include this part, it makes your work clear to the reader.

Use the Correct Format.

Most organizations publish structured assignments that instructors can use to teach their students how to use the formatting style in their documents. The structure is essential because it gives your document an organized look. A standard reference format consists of an abstract, methodology, literature review, table of contents, and references.

Proofread the Literature Review.

After you are done writing, the student can now proofread the entire document. This helps the writer to eliminate any mistakes and make sure it is free of errors. Besides that, it assists in eliminating grammatical errors, misused words, and ambiguous statements.