How to Compose Correct Multiple-Choice Questions for The SAT

How to Write Correct Multiple-Choice Questions for The SAT

The common mistake made by students is to think that multiple choice questions (MCQ) are easy. They are just not, believe me. There is more than meets the eye. What makes these questions hard is that an examiner has to read through them again, complete a certain number of them, and grade them. This, therefore, makes these questions require precision and patience.

Therefore, when you have a multiple-choice question, you have to know what the questions are looking for. What you should realize is that the questions are there to determine whether a student understood what the question asked them or not.

There are two ways of answering the multiple choice questions. When answering a standard multiple-choice question, you should realize that the examiner does not see your answers. Therefore, they do not know what you are going to provide. The examiner could be done with the question, and he will not read your answers. Remember, the goal of having a multiple-choice question is to select students who are not sure and not knowledgeable about what the questions are asking.

When the examiner receives the multiple-choice question, he will first go through it, and in case the question requires a specific answer, he will look for the answers he finds, skip some, and choose the ones that meet the required standard, depending on the type of question.

For instance, if you are given a memory question, and the standard is remembering names of famous people, you should choose those that recall the information better. Otherwise, you will get a wrong answer. 

When an examiner goes through a multiple-choice question, the examiner also makes comments about the different answers that the students got. This, in turn, influences whether the student’s answer matched the standard of the question. The examiner, therefore, gives the last impression regarding whether a student comprehended what the question asked.

Another way of determining the quality of a student’s answers is the Letter Grade. Each item assigned to a student corresponds to one letter grade. In case a student gets a high rating, the examiner thinks that he or she possesses excellent reasoning skills, thus the learners should perform better in class. On the other hand, a low-rated student will have some performance issues, thus end up in a lower academic level. 

Another principle of a correct multiple-choice question that is very important is that it should not be numerous. A common mistake made by many students is to give too many answers. This is never good. There are several forms of multiple-choice questions that are written to help a learner to get things wrong on time. An example is the Humanities Multiple Choice Test which is used in humanities courses. Students are given a certain number of correct answers to select from, which determines the grade they get. 

Another part that determines a student’s performance is the scores obtained after a test. Some essays and tests that a student can get a high score from include; the Multiple-choice Questions, the the GRE, CAT, ACT, and SAT. All of them are very important as they allow a student to practice knowledge, skills, and knowledge and to go against the crowd and create a unique paper.